I started ‘The Vinyl Detective: Written in Dead Wax’ by Andrew Cartmel on the train on Wednesday and despite trying my best to crack through it, life has been very busy this weekend and so I finished the final pages mere minutes ago. I could wait to tell you all about it.

It was amazing, this book was very much in 2 parts. I finished part 1 and was confused because the hype, the plot of the blurb and what I could see of the story was concluded. we had an answer, we had the record and she was alive. What more could there be? How dare she? Did the Ayran twins get through those boxes? Was Tinkler ok? and suddenly there is more. Part 2 gave us; More Jazz, more conspiracy, more guns and more of Turk and Fanny. It gave us the whole story, the bit we didn’t even know we were missing.

The vinyl detective himself, is an expert in all records but it’s the jazz that makes him comes alive. He crate-digs to survive and a big contract offered by a mysterious woman changes things. With the help of Clean-Head, Stinky and Tinkler, they go on a full scale treasure hunt of London charity shops, record stores even the odd car boot. Will they find the rarest jazz record of them all?

I found this really easy to read, funny, ¬†and engaging despite the fact I now nothing about Jazz plus I cannot wait for the second one to arrive in May (My pre-order was a good one). This book has already been endorsed by Ben Aaronovitch so doesn’t need my approval but I think everyone who loves a good detective story, jazz or a classic clever plot will enjoy this.

Happy Reading!