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2017 – WHOLE year without buying books


‘The Road to Little Dribbling’

Better than a Small Island…


I read ‘Notes from a Small Island’ a very long time ago, and I loved it. Being a little younger than today, I didn’t get a lot of it. This however, I laughed so hard that people gave me funny looks on the train. Admittedly this may have been because I was in the quiet coach and the only person not staring at a screen.

‘The Road to Little Dribbling’ by Bill Bryson, was a Christmas present from one of my new housemates and I was a little apprehensive. Like I said, I’m not a fan on non-fiction as I didn’t really get ‘Small Island’ I wasn’t sure if I’d like this but instead, I loved it. I live in Oxford so the section there was amazing. My housemate started reading it before I did and told me to read it.

There were so many places I knew or have been, that it was nice looking at them with fresh eyes. Bryson is funny and dry and looks at the world in slightly sceptical eyes but very realistic. I might have to go to Stonehenge now. I like that too much time wasn’t spent in each place especially big cities like London where there is a lot of travel writing. who would have thought Skegness had so much history?

The book flowed and travelled round the country in a random but nice order, I liked the bits in Scotland and Cornwall made me laugh a lot. It was definitely a nice change from murder mystery and YA.

I have a few other Bryson books, so I might have to give them ago later this year. Happy Reading!

Good and Bad News…

Good Afternoon Readers,

it is 20 full days into the year of 2017 and I haven’t bought any books. So far, so good you might say, well yes! In the sense that this isn’t feeling like a massive taste anymore, I am enjoying reading, I am enjoying listening and I an enjoying talking about books.

It turns out I’m drinking a lot of tea, walking a lot of miles and feeling productive with my time, especially as I am writing to you. I have physically read 5 books this year, I have listened to a full one and am a good chunk through a second. I am losing weight, gaining confidence and starting to believe in myself a little bit more.  So that’s 80% of the good news, the major thing is that today I WENT INTO A BOOK SHOP. I went into a shop thats sells books and I didn’t buy one. I bought a notebook for a bootcamp I have tomorrow and I bought a late secret santa present but I passed the test. I didn’t buy a book. So when it comes to book-feelings, I feel pretty good.

Mostly… Remember how I told you, I made a mistake in my last minute shopping on NYE,  well I have noticed another one. ‘Who Killed Sherlock Holmes’ by Paul Cornell is in fact the third one in the Shadow Police Series and you guessed it, I haven’t got or read the first two. As such I’m really struggling to get into it, and so it has become the first casualty of the year. I am putting it aside and will try again later, right now I am taking a break from fiction and am going to read ‘The Road to Little Dribbling’ by Bill Bryson. This was a Christmas present from a housemate (who is obvious well aware of the challenge I am currently undertaking) and as they are reading it also I thought now is a good time to get into it so we can talk about it together.                                                                 images

Just keeping you in the loop, dear reader. Happy Reading.


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