Good Afternoon Readers,

it is 20 full days into the year of 2017 and I haven’t bought any books. So far, so good you might say, well yes! In the sense that this isn’t feeling like a massive taste anymore, I am enjoying reading, I am enjoying listening and I an enjoying talking about books.

It turns out I’m drinking a lot of tea, walking a lot of miles and feeling productive with my time, especially as I am writing to you. I have physically read 5 books this year, I have listened to a full one and am a good chunk through a second. I am losing weight, gaining confidence and starting to believe in myself a little bit more.  So that’s 80% of the good news, the major thing is that today I WENT INTO A BOOK SHOP. I went into a shop thats sells books and I didn’t buy one. I bought a notebook for a bootcamp I have tomorrow and I bought a late secret santa present but I passed the test. I didn’t buy a book. So when it comes to book-feelings, I feel pretty good.

Mostly… Remember how I told you, I made a mistake in my last minute shopping on NYE,  well I have noticed another one. ‘Who Killed Sherlock Holmes’ by Paul Cornell is in fact the third one in the Shadow Police Series and you guessed it, I haven’t got or read the first two. As such I’m really struggling to get into it, and so it has become the first casualty of the year. I am putting it aside and will try again later, right now I am taking a break from fiction and am going to read ‘The Road to Little Dribbling’ by Bill Bryson. This was a Christmas present from a housemate (who is obvious well aware of the challenge I am currently undertaking) and as they are reading it also I thought now is a good time to get into it so we can talk about it together.                                                                 images

Just keeping you in the loop, dear reader. Happy Reading.