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2017 – WHOLE year without buying books


Girl with All the Gifts

She wont bite, or will she?…

The_Girl_with_All_the_GiftsJust WOW.

If I could leave a review there I would but I feel I would be short changing you, Dear Reader.

Melanie is eight, super intelligent and will eat you given half the chance. This book is HER story, the journey from school to captive to freedom. Finding herself, realising the truth and changing the future.

Her companions are Sergeant Eddie Parks, a grumpy scarred and seasoned soldier, Miss Helen Justineau, the teacher that cares too much, Private Gallagher, a young man that has no memory of how the world used to be and finally Dr Caroline Caldwell, who constantly clicks her pen and wants to dissect…everyone.

The story starts at Hotel Echo, a military base where Melanie is the most intelligent in her class and wishes she was called Pandora. Sgt Parks doesn’t like that  Helen is willing to treat them like ‘real’ children and Dr Caldwell doesn’t want anything to happen to specimen number 1. Shortly after we meet out protagonists the camp is attacked and they realise they are dead unless they move out. Follow their adventures of dangers of canned food, the trials of being hunted and the personal cost to each and every one of them.

The writing is fantastic, the story is dauntingly possible and the voice of Melanie could so easily be any of us. Will they do enough to survive? Is Melanie the only one that can learn? Will this be our dystopian future? I was emotionally attached to all these characters and naturally I am now filled with scepticism about the upcoming adaptation. M R Carey has written the screenplay so hopefully the fun, suspense and character driven plot won’t be lost. Oh and Glenn Close as Dr Caldwell, that I will pay to see.1390464124_The-Girl-With-All-The-Gif

I loved this book, it was recommended to me by a friend in publishing as was in fact a Christmas present from my girlfriend, turns out I should listen to her more often.

So the sun is still out and I’m feeling literate so let the next book commence, Happy Reading!

A painter, a florist and a secret agent…

My Dearest readers, I have returned complete with review and another nearly complete. I know I have apologised for my lack of reviews in March and April I WILL BE BETTER. So it begins here, with ‘A Little Murder’ by Suzette A. Hill, 17917948._UY400_SS400_in which Marcia Beasley of St John’s Wood is found in her home naked, shot in the head and covered with a coal scuttle. Detective Sergeant Greenleaf is tasked with unraveling the layers of Marcia’s life to bring meaning to her gruesome death. While the Police investigation plods on, Marcia’s niece Rosy finds herself unwittingly drawn into a family mystery involving espionage and foreign intrigue.

Rosy is the character you route for the entire way through. Will the stories from Felix, Estranged Uncle Donald and the limping Frenchman Sabatier help her uncover the truth? Is it only in death she will know and understand her Aunt?

The painter Clovis, the awfully mysterious Vera and nosy neighbours The Gills, all play their part in peaking Rosy’s interest into the investigation. A fur coat, a lawnmower and of course the square handled coal scuttle all add twists turns and intrigue to the mystery.

I found the first half very easy to read and flew though it, the second bit felt dragged out and yet the final chapters concluded everything a little too quickly and easily. Adding depth to some of the sub plots and exploring the post WW2 London links would have been rather enjoyable. I liked the SOE and secret agent twists and thought more time could have been dedicated to the papers in question.

It was an amusing and light hearted read, it was easy and fun and just what I needed to feel ready to ready ad write again after a tricky month. In other news I have just completed another month of no book purchases. I AM A QUARTER WAY THROUGH THE YEAR!!

I was away for 4 days in France visiting friends so caught up with my reading on the plane and have nearly finished ‘Girl with all the Gifts’ and on that it coffee and book time. Catch up with you very soon Dear Reader.

Happy Reading!

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