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2017 – WHOLE year without buying books


Dear Amy

Back on the book train…

So it’s one of my favourite days of the year, Super Saturday. 3 games of Rugby back to back, Cider, snacks to last the day and it is wonderful. Yet, I have the urge to tell you about the book I have finally finished. ‘Dear Amy’ by Helen Callaghan, has been a wonderful read, despite it seeming to have been forever since I started it.


I got into it very quickly, an agony Aunt (Dear Amy) was getting letters from Bethan Avery, a girl who went missing over 20 years ago, apparently prompted by the latest disappearance.  Margot Lewis; School teacher, Agony aunt, estranged wife, has no idea how to deal with these letters. What will the Police say? What will they think? What can she do?

This story follows her pursuit to find both missing girls. I found myself laughing, crying and being genuinely scared throughout this book. The villain is wonderfully written, very complex and so real. I found myself checking to see if I was being followed a little more often. Some of the supporting cast could be more likeable or prominent to make the story flow a little better but Margot has a strong voice that you find yourself getting swept away with. Martin, Greta and Lily all play their part. Katie and Eddie have a wonderful presence and really make you feel the plot.

Margot is followed, abused and doubted but she still pushes through.  In this quest she finally loses her useless husband, finds herself and uncovers the biggest mystery of all. What happened to Bethan Avery? Read it.. Dear reader and find out!

Happy Reading!


I have found wifi! this is very exciting as I have 2 books to tell you all about but not right now. I just wanted to tell you I am still reading, still writing and definitely NOT buying books.


These books were sent to me in the Book exchange I did and I have just started ‘Dear Amy’… update on that soon although so far so good. The truth is, when I started this I believed I bought more books that I actually do. Some of what I am feeling now is wanting what I can’t have. I am okay with this but I am glad I have recognised it. I enjoy reading, I enjoy buying books and actually I am also enjoying not buying books.

I am getting great recommendations from friends, I have received emails from  people saying they enjoy my blog, there are regular readers in Romania, Germany, Spain and Australia. I am reading books I never would have, I am connecting with people that I never would have even known existed and its doing me the world of good.

Thank you readers, I have more to talk about not just books but the comments, follows and recommendations you send me. I feel more confident and more relaxed. So time to get back to it…

Happy Reading!

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