No one would expect Templars to be so violent, French inventors to be so enthusiastic or Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channing’s to be such a magnificent Wolf.



The Parasol Protectorate Book the Third ‘Blameless’ picks up three weeks after Alexia’s return from Scotland, where she and the infant inconvenience are back with Squire Loontwill and his clucking ladies. As the news of her alleged indiscretions hit the papers and Captain Featherstonehaugh breaks off his engagement to Eyvlin, Alexia’s mother has had enough. Lord Akeldama sends a cryptic message and does the closest thing to swarming a flamboyant male queen can do. How will our favourite Preternatural survive without her pack?

Alexia takes off across Europe in search of answers with her trusty Butler, Floote and Madame LeFoux. In this whistle stop tour of France and Italy, we meet a French inventor, a German scientist and lots of angry Italian Templars.

51xo41k4l9l-_sx309_bo1204203200_Where is Lord Maccon in all this you might ask? Well to put it politely, he is inebriated on Formaldehyde, with long suffering Beta Professor Lyle trying to hold the pack, BUR and the country together. Randolph Lyle is stressed, stretched and luckily for his Alpha strong enough to do it all.
Genevieve again proves to be a wonderful travelling partner, especially with all the Vampires trying to kill Alexia. Will Floote ever tell of Alessandro’s work with the Templars? Why did they cease the Preternatural breeding programme? What does this have to do with the ice blue eyed wolf?

Biffy, Boots and Ivy  (and Tunny of course) are all involved with this European adventure. I wish there had been more in London after the last installment being firmly in Scotland but I like that the series isn’t limited. The crazy inventions, ‘female specimen’ and embroidery red crosses keep you absorbed right to the end. Most importantly dear reader, we find out where ‘The Parasol Protectorate’ comes from!!

I am definitely wrapped up in this supernatural world. Gail Carriger’s books are funny, engaging and totally captivating. I finished this one with a sense of expectation and longing; I want more.

Happy reading!