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black widow

I thought I knew what was coming…


I love Christopher Brookmyre and the plots of the Jack Parlabane are always fun with unexpected twists. This did not disappoint…

Jack is full of emotions in this and is definitely back on form. The newly married, Diana and Peter seem like the perfect couple but all is not what it seems. When Peter’s car is found on a freezing night in the river, Diana is blamed for his murder. The missing knife, the ‘business’ and Blade Bitch all add to the plot. Ali and her new partner Rodriguez are called to the scene and have to deliver the bad news, but Diana isn’t overcome with grief and her eye has a nasty bruise…Are you going to jump to the same conclusions?

The story flows so easily and most of the plot is easy enough to have a guess at (for someone like me who reads a stupid amount of this kind of story). Wow…the last bit, not so much. The final twist was awesome and almost beyond belief. I liked the parallel narration across time and characters.

There are so many great characters in this, Diana, Lucy, Callum and I do very much enjoy this narrator. I listened in the car, whilst walking and even as I was packing up to move. I found that people talking to me when I was listening caused me to rewind 30 seconds or so as I didn’t want to miss ANYTHING. Burglary, Kidnap, Murder…What more do you want?

Having read all of the Jack Parlabane series, this definitely up there as one of my favourites, it is funny, gut wrenching and full of twists. Time to return to the packing mission this time with Genevieve Cogman and ‘The Burning Page’. Happy Reading.

An Old Classic…

Just to let you all know I spent most of yesterday in the car, so naturally I started another audiobook. The reason I call this an old classic is because I have read most of his books and this is with one of the long standing characters. I’m talking about ‘Black Widow’ by Christopher Brookmyre, and lead character is disgraced investigative journalist Jack Parlabane.


Now I started reading Christopher Brookmyre when I lived in the highlands so a fair few of the places were known to me. I love Edinburgh and have seen a fair bit of Glasgow, but this latest venture is set in Inverness, oddly enough the town I spent the most time in when i lived there, so it feels very familiar. I like knowing the actual streets referenced and the romantic ‘literal’ spin put on descriptions of the local area.

Jack has had many peculiar and dangerous adventures but it some ways he’s just a middle aged man trying to find his place in the world. He’s funny, relatable and is more a friend than a father figure in these books. He typically needs to grow up but definitely pulls it out of the bag when he needs too. THIS IS AN APOLOGY FOR TOO MANY CLICHES IN ONE SENTENCE.

As for Christopher Brookmyre, I find that when he sticks to comedic mysteries with Jack, Angelique de Xavia and Jasmine Sharp and Catherine McLeod, the books flow are more enjoyable and feel real. Whereas the books that test the boundaries of reality like Bedlam and Pandaemonium I found harder to get into and I didn’t like the structure as much.


These are just a few of his titles, I really liked a ‘Snowball in hell’ and ‘The unsinkable Rubber ducks’. I have been reading ‘The Sleeper and the Spindle’ and today hopefully I will finish that and get anther review up.

Happy Reading!

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