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2017 – WHOLE year without buying books


Anthony Horowitz

Hawthorne and Horowitz…


BOOK FEELINGS: I liked the last one so much I pre-ordered this! This semi-autobiographical series plays into the art of the impossible of any good alternative universe but equally, you know it could happen. I like the hints of reality, like the happenings on the set of Foyle’s War and the clear anecdotal joys of married life.

the joy of haiku

is a simple thing to do

if you know the rule.

Unlike this weird poem, haiku’s are a key part of the plot that shouldn’t be dismissed. There are some crazy and wonderful subplots which made me smile. Anthony’s interest in Hawthorne’s life is addictive and the shadow of ‘A Study in Scarlet’ that runs through is so evident but only noticeable when it is pointed out.

I found this really easy to listen to, Rory Kinnear’s voice has energy, good pace and tone. He adds humour and personality to the words, although it does bother me that it’s now his voice I associate with Anthony Horowitz’s inner monologue.

What links a delayed train, a horrendous murder, 182 and a bestseller? The truth is so easy and so right in front of you that you get taken on a journey to discover it’s not that at all. I really enjoy this partnership albeit fictitious so I do hope there’s another, even if Anthony doesn’t.

Happy reading

I’m still reading!

Sorry its been so long, I am still reading, but in the 2 months since my last blog I have moved house, been away from home far too many days, not had the internet and then to top it all off. WE GOT A CAT!


So I do apologise for the lack of posts, however, I still haven’t bought a book. I am 10 and a half months in and am only reading books that I own or have been bought for me. I’m super impressed with myself.

I have updated my ‘story so far‘ page with the books i have read or listened to in the last couple of months. If I can I will write retrospective reviews but I want to get back on top things first.

So my next review will be “A Natural History of Dragons; A memoir by Lady Trent’ by Marie Brennan or ‘The Word is Murder’ by Anthony Horowitz as I finished that audiobook on the train yesterday.

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