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Old favourites, New series and my ridiculous cat.

Good Morning readers,

the last time I wrote to you I was in fact off work. so you guessed it. I have taken a study day and rather than doing my essay I decided it was blog time. I have a big cup of tea and several books and audiobooks to tell you about. I have decided to write a few and publish them over the next few weeks rather than you guys getting loads today and then nothing for weeks (uh…months).

So I was working in Bath delivering training about 3 weeks ago and the weather was glorious. it was reaching 31 degrees every day, so in the evenings I was reading in the garden. I got so engrossed I realised I was going to finish before my train journey home, so I utilised my free Amazon Prime trial (other book subscriptions are available) and ordered 3 more books to be delivered to my hotel. I slightly overdid it but I am loving reading proper books in this heat.

I have been on a reading mission, so Dear Reader let us talk about some of those stories. I have read Vinyl Detective book 3, The custard protocol Book 3, ‘Want you gone’ another Jack Paralabane book and last night I finished ‘The Crossing Places’ by Elly Griffiths.  Apparently, I’m back on a murder mystery kick!!


So time to write my reviews. My cat isn’t going to make this easy but Happy Reading!

A missing record, a missing person and long standing msytery.

The vinyl detective is back! This book I preordered last New Years Eve and it was sent back because it was delivered to the wrong address, so I have had to wait over a year to read this. I read the first one and immediately wanted this…and then had to wait, and wait, and wait. It was not ok.

The Vinyl detective is back with the whole crew, Nevada, Clean Head, good ol’ Tinkler and of course Fanny and Turk. We start with the recovery of a very rare record, as we’d expect but the journey has only just begun.


Pause for cat cuddles… and the cat just ran across the keyboard, just like fanny and Turk. The vinyl detective still remains nameless, and baring in mind he was nearly killed this time it would have been a very odd tombstone.

That’s right, this story is about the missing son of a sixties legend. In the search for him, we meet massive strong Americans, a dodgy shrink and the cats have learnt to be sneaky! In some ways, this story isn’t as exciting as the first… I think it is because this is about a missing person, not a missing record.

The change in dynamics is interesting, it is a partnership rather than a lone wolf on the hunt. It is the Scooby gang facing up to dangers like poisoned tea, grave-robbing and random trips to Morrocco.

This flowed as well as the first book, and I am enjoying the change so the series doesn’t become formulaic but i’d like book three to be back on the record trail.

Happy Reading!!

New love of Jazz…


I started ‘The Vinyl Detective: Written in Dead Wax’ by Andrew Cartmel on the train on Wednesday and despite trying my best to crack through it, life has been very busy this weekend and so I finished the final pages mere minutes ago. I could wait to tell you all about it.

It was amazing, this book was very much in 2 parts. I finished part 1 and was confused because the hype, the plot of the blurb and what I could see of the story was concluded. we had an answer, we had the record and she was alive. What more could there be? How dare she? Did the Ayran twins get through those boxes? Was Tinkler ok? and suddenly there is more. Part 2 gave us; More Jazz, more conspiracy, more guns and more of Turk and Fanny. It gave us the whole story, the bit we didn’t even know we were missing.

The vinyl detective himself, is an expert in all records but it’s the jazz that makes him comes alive. He crate-digs to survive and a big contract offered by a mysterious woman changes things. With the help of Clean-Head, Stinky and Tinkler, they go on a full scale treasure hunt of London charity shops, record stores even the odd car boot. Will they find the rarest jazz record of them all?

I found this really easy to read, funny,  and engaging despite the fact I now nothing about Jazz plus I cannot wait for the second one to arrive in May (My pre-order was a good one). This book has already been endorsed by Ben Aaronovitch so doesn’t need my approval but I think everyone who loves a good detective story, jazz or a classic clever plot will enjoy this.

Happy Reading!




I made a grave error…

So remember I told you I did some last minute shopping on New Year’s Eve and bought some books… well it turns out I did a semi-terrible job. Yes all 7 books arrived (and 1 is pre-ordered for May), 2 are illustrated and this makes me happy but I managed to buy a children’s book, ‘The Sleeper and the Spindle’ by Neil Gaiman, (review probably later today). Although I have no problem with reading Children’s books, it’s more it is not quite what I was expecting and most significantly I thought I bought the ‘Unhman’ series by Wilkie Martin.

I nearly did. I managed in my haste to buy book 1 ‘Inspector Hobbes and the Blood’, Book 3 ‘Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers’ and Book 4 ‘Inspector Hobbes and the Bones’. That’s right , I’m that good, I managed to not buy book 2. I’m annoyed at myself, for the carelessness and that if I like the series I have to wait to get this as a gift or borrow if from somebody to read it – still leaving that hole on the bookshelf for when I am allowed to buy it because it is ever so sad to have a book missing from a series.

That’s todays news and although some of it leaves me a little sad, I HAVE NEW BOOKS (aren’t they beautiful?). Happy Reading!!





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