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2017 – WHOLE year without buying books



Glass, Steele, Poison and Love.

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The whole crew is back; India, Matthew, Sheriff Payne and Letty. India is closer than ever to telling Matt her true feelings, Matt is frustrated that Chronos cannot be found and Sheriff Payne is after Matt. Letty hasn’t given up on marrying Matthew to the most appropriate eligible young lady, but he still is resisting. Willy, Duke and Cyclops play their part as always but nowhere near as much as they have before.

Still living in the glory of solving the mapmakers apprentice murder, Glass and Steele are after Chronos. Matt’s watch is still working but it doesn’t last nearly as long s it used to.  Again they are called upon to look at a mysterious death, this time an apothecary outside the guild.  Dr Hayle is in the paper for magically bringing back the dead. But did he really? India wants to solve this one as this time it is Matt in the firing line. Why would anyone think Matt killed this Dr?


It is quickly realised the Dr has been poisoned, our heroes have their lives threatened on multiple occasions and Letty finds her voice.  I like these two but some of the subplots surrounding them are distracting. I am bored of Letty and her matchmaking,  I do agree with keeping the books in-keeping with the time period but the whole high class proposals for business just don’t seem to fit with the ‘working’ level of the main plots.

Dear reader, this series is keeping me coming back. I like the magical elements, I like the mystery around Chronos and I want to know more but I think sticking with Duke, Cyclops and Willy is the better side of the stories. I like the humour and I love the chemistry between them, although the tension is just as fun. I am looking forward to seeing where it goes. I want to see what happens…If you haven’t started already. Read this book.

So dear Reader, it is time for me to sign off…no it wont be so long until the next one.

Dear Reader. A letter to you…

Good afternoon Dear Reader,

forgive me it has been a month since my last blog. I’m terrible at this. The truth is I have missed it, I have missed writing to strangers and apparently pouring out my life on a page, much like the author I have so much time for.

I could make a hundred excuses why I haven’t written about the books I have read this month. The truth is a mix of lack of time and severe lack of energy, although I love my job it is draining. The commute can be miserable, one night I left Marble Arch at 5:15 pm and didn’t get out of London until just after 8, not getting home until about quarter past nine. I am aware that this is a project for me and the fact that anyone takes time out of their day to read my random ranting is wonderful.

I thank you, its a kind of therapy and I have started to enjoy this bit nearly as much as the reading (and listening). So on that note I have a review or 2 to give you. I have been reading, just not as much as I would like. I have been listening (as I still can’t read on the bus) but I am after your input. Books recommendations please.

So until next time (soon I promise),


Dilemma Time…


That’s right! 

BOOK-FEELINGS: I have an issue and I need your help. Last time I posted something like this… I might have to buy books for work. If I buy one is it against the rules? Should I ask work to buy them… for anyone that only reads occasionally I started a new job about 2 weeks ago.

There are several books I could get most of which is online, but some of it would be useful to have for reference. HELP ME READERS!!

My turn to write, not read…

Dear reader, I have written something a little different today. I have a review coming and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book  as much as I have but fro this is it.



A fast serve, fear hurtling towards stress,

it bounced back from the solid surface,

a little less daunting, slower, manageable.

THWACK 15 – 0

Another gut shot, a fast ball, a blow causing dented pride.

A long thoughtful return taking the edge off,

cruising with hope and strength.

SMASH 30-0

Surprise consequences, the fall falls from beneath,

depression rushing forward.

A quick exchange that takes the edge off,

anxiety eased and tears have ceased.

ACE 40-0

Winning by wearing this opponent down, being fitter and manipulative.

The quick harsh return, now on the back foot,

a slide, a trip and finally a stumble.



Those of you that have been keeping up, life has been crazy and hard and daunting for a little while and today I wanted to thank the one that makes it easier. Being stuck in a hard place is better when you are my rock.

Until next time…Happy Reading!




Ghostly threats, Swarming Hives and Giant Octopi…


So in my last blog I told you I started writing a review… well this is it, with a mildly amusing title and token book cover.

The Parasol Protectorate Book the fourth, picks up 5 months after the debacle with Connall and the God-Breaker Plague. A very pregnant Alexia is trying to build her relationship with Madame LeFoux after the incident with  formally Angelique and work out how to stop the Vampires trying to kill her.

Luckily for the Woolsey Pack they are not about to lose the Alpha’s wife, as Beta Randolph Lyle has a plan. It’s another of his very clever, almost devious plans. Lord Akeldama will play a key role and young Biffy, might find his place.

Acting upon a apparition in which THE QUEEN is threatened, Alexia as reinstated Muhjah and Lord Akeldama as Potentate are bound by duty to investigate. The BUR are also stumped…to add insult to injury Darling Felicity Loontwill wants to come and stay. Between visiting Ivy in Soho and stopping the vampires from taking her life, her baby and her sister she is battling Connall on everything. She simply doesn’t understand why insists she slows down she is after all only 8 and 1/2 months pregnant.

The threat to The Queen isn’t all it seems and the streets of London are full of private dirigibles and very strange porcupines. Biffy, Boots and formally Lefoux are all key players in this dangerous chase across London.

In this part of the series we lose a parasol, gain a suffragette, and witness labour in a giant octopus. What more could you want? Well we learn more about how Connall got to Woolsey, the impending madness of an Alpha and exactly how long you can ignore contractions for! I for one am looking forward to how Prudence Alessandra Maccoon Akeldama gets on in the world…so Book 5 here we come.

Happy Reading!


I haven’t forgotten you…

I know it’s been a few days since my last post but I wanted to let you know why. I am moving house, which means less time for reading. I am totally on it with regards to listening to an audiobook but I haven’t made much time to read this week and I am sorry.

I did want to show you this though…dsc_0822

They are all my unread books, yes they have moved first. I have 2 book shelves waiting to move and to be filled by this slightly worrying sight.  I think they is over 50 books there… I would like to read 3 a week but I think life is going to get in the way.

Its a wild Saturday night, so you guessed it…time to read. Happy Reading!

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