Hey Readers,

If you have read my opening blog, you know my Name and that I am a 30-Something, writing a blog. That’s it so far right?  And if you haven’t…Hi I’m Nella and I’m a bookaholic.

I have always loved reading; on trains, planes, on the beach, in a coffee shop but best of all wrapped up, with a cuppa on a lazy afternoon. I read fast, not speed reader fast but fast enough to finish ‘Girl on a Train’ in an afternoon. I get absorbed into it, I escape and dream and become part of the book, part of the story. I always have.

Despite being a little way off my teens, I like Young Adult books, so many dystopian futures I’m never going to see. I like fantasy and mystery and definitely a sucker for a good old crime thriller. Don’t let that put you off,  I will read everything and anything. I will VERY rarely give up on a book, I will read it to the end, even if I think its rubbish (‘The Da Vinci Code’ took me 3 attempts, but I did it).  Like, everyone, I have my favourites but that has never stopped me from reading new things before. Although I may read one of my many well-thumbed paperbacks at some point this year.

No doubt, you’ll learn more about me as the year goes on, but for now dear reader, that’s me.