Hey Readers,

If you have read my opening blog, you know my Name and that I am a 30-Something, writing a blog. That’s it so far right?  And if you haven’t…Hi I’m Nella and I’m a bookaholic.

I have always loved reading; on trains, planes, on the beach, in a coffee shop but best of all wrapped up, with a cuppa on a lazy afternoon. I read fast, not speed reader fast but fast enough to finish ‘Girl on a Train’ in an afternoon. I get absorbed into it, I escape and dream and become part of the book, part of the story. I always have.

Despite being a little way off my teens, I like Young Adult books, so many dystopian futures I’m never going to see. I like fantasy and mystery and definitely a sucker for a good old crime thriller. Don’t let that put you off,  I will read everything and anything. I will VERY rarely give up on a book, I will read it to the end, even if I think its rubbish (‘The Da Vinci Code’ took me 3 attempts, but I did it).  Like everyone I have my favourites but that has never stopped me from reading new things before. Although I may  read one of my many well thumbed paperbacks at some point this year.

No doubt, you’ll learn more about me as the year goes on, but for now dear reader, that’s me.