‘Greetings, to all Pure Women.

You should all be fitted with your new wrist counters. A symbol of your purity and devotion to your family. Life is simpler now. Just 100 words a day.

Your role is in the house. Your husband takes care of everything else.

You’re free.

Instead, you should focus on values of modesty, submission, humility and purity. Love, honour and most importantly, obey. You know the rules. Just one word over 100 and your wrist counter will send 1,000 volts through your body. Choose your words carefully.

You have the right to remain silent’




BOOK FEELINGS:  I couldn’t put this down…equally I didn’t want too! Handmaid’s Tale, 1984 and one bad decision from a Trump-like government rolled into one, and you know this could be reality. It’s terrifying, addictive and so easy to read.

I was asked to review this for a local bookshop. I started at 5:30 pm and read until I was finished. I moved seats in a restaurant because the family next door were too loud and disturbing me. I didn’t watch a favourite show because this had its claws in me. i needed to finish it.

Jean is a Dr, a wife, a mother and now confined to 100 words per day. She always saves enough to say goodnight to her kids and whisper she loves them before going to sleep. Her 3 boys are growing, being Pure and changing too fast for her liking, her 5 year old daughter on the other hand is a different. She is just starting to understand, she is getting quieter and quieter and this, more than anything, scares Jean.

Everything changes when the President’s brother gets ill. Using her doctorate, skills and words can Jean save him? What does this mean for her family? What does this mean for the country?

As a debut ‘Vox’ by Christina Dalcher is amazing, well thought through and addictive. The characters have depth, the plot is fantastic without being fantastical and who gets a happy ending? I want more! I am rapidly finding its THE book I am recommending to my friends and family. The question is, will you see it coming?

I read this at the beginning of the month and had to wait to  tell you about it Dear Reader, that was the hardest bit about this review, well that and no spoilers!

Off to sit on a train for work with another book! Happy reading!

(305 words – that’s me shocked)