TurA Blind Eye (1)

BOOK FEELINGS: This was another book I was asked to review, luckily for me it has already been published so I don’t have to put my review on hold.

First day. New Job. Dead Boss. Steve is having one of those days, he woke up with a hangover, he found the body and how many of his new colleagues think he did it?

DI Maya Rahman comes back from a tragic, traumatic Christmas break to find the Headteacher of her old school in the Tower Hamlets has been killed. First case back and her boss doesn’t think she’s up to it.

This book covers the changing world of education, the conflict management between the community, the police and the school, and just how easily the media can manipulate opinions. Its a murder, wrapped up in a cultural misunderstanding and topped with a religious vendetta.

The books jumps between 2 or 3 point of view characters which if the narration came from first or third person perspective would have been find but it jumped between and in early chapters I had to check who was the POV. It got easier and after a while the story flowed so well that the POV didn’t really matter. Everything was relevant to the storytelling. images

This book was easy to read, easy to follow but difficult to work out. A gripping murder mystery with a unconventional themes and a diverse cast. I really enjoyed it. So as it is Dear Reader, you know a little about me… One thing I haven’t talked about it is where I stand on religion. This book made me think a bit about religion, faith and being so devout that murder seems like a viable option.

Maya’s relationships with her family, co-workers and beyond is what makes this book appealing, she is strong, determined and driven. She character complements the laid back Aussie Dan and is a firm contradiction to her boss. Steve’s new job is a bit more dramatic than he was expecting and see how he is key ot this investigation.


Happy Reading