Dear Reader, it has been a long year.

I’m not going to write a summary because I have 7 days left to finish my books and maybe even read a bit more. I am going to get another book in before the year is out and hopefully one more review. However, I am going to let you know that I am going to carry on the blog. I have paid for another year, although I am going to allow myself to buy books I will be careful.

This year has been a bit learning curve, not just because I have read a lot of books I wouldn’t have done if I was allowed to stay in my comfort zone but I have had a chance to talk to engage with online communities about them. I have learnt to love steampunk, I have seen the joys of small independent books that no one has heard of and I have really enjoyed talking about books with my friends and family.

Due to this resolution, I have been given books as presents, by members of my workbook club and sent recommendations by strangers. This blog has been an outlet and I thank you for your patience in my lack of posts. I am going to try and be better, I know I have said that in every post ever but ‘making time’ is my new year’s resolution. More time for me, more time for my partner and more time for life. I always say ‘I don’t have time for that’ but the truth is I DO. I have time I just have to use it better.


After Christmas, I will tell you I how have planned some time with Carol, (it’s a Christmas present so… no spoilers) but I am going to use my travel time better. I am going to use my weekends better and I am going plan time with my friends. This time last year I made a resolution I wasn’t sure I could keep and yet this year I am doing the same thing.

It’s Christmas eve and I have time so I’m off to read. Merry Christmas and happy reading!