Good afternoon Dear Reader,

forgive me it has been a month since my last blog. I’m terrible at this. The truth is I have missed it, I have missed writing to strangers and apparently pouring out my life on a page, much like the author I have so much time for.

I could make a hundred excuses why I haven’t written about the books I have read this month. The truth is a mix of lack of time and severe lack of energy, although I love my job it is draining. The commute can be miserable, one night I left Marble Arch at 5:15 pm and didn’t get out of London until just after 8, not getting home until about quarter past nine. I am aware that this is a project for me and the fact that anyone takes time out of their day to read my random ranting is wonderful.

I thank you, its a kind of therapy and I have started to enjoy this bit nearly as much as the reading (and listening). So on that note I have a review or 2 to give you. I have been reading, just not as much as I would like. I have been listening (as I still can’t read on the bus) but I am after your input. Books recommendations please.

So until next time (soon I promise),