BOOK FEELINGS FIRST: Big news Dear Reader, I have a job so I have few more hours of my day commuting so plenty of reading and time to review! I have downloaded a few ready for the 2 hours each way on the bus. I struggle to read on the bus so I am going for audiobooks until I can train myself to do that. I have really enjoyed the past few months of getting friends recommendations and taking the time to relax and reset before starting a new job.

I am 109 days clean! I haven’t bought myself a book, I’m strangely get more picky about the books I’m reading. I have realised I have a lot of books in similar genres so as I’m starting to slow down with the reading a bit. Until this one… I started reading the Trudi Canavan books the year before last. The first 2 of the Magicians Guild trilogy, I got through super fast but the final one took me ages to get into, because of that I was a little reluctant to start this trilogy ‘Traitor Spy’.


REVIEW TIME:  I got into this super quick because I know most of the characters. It was easy to follow the story, I enjoyed the grown-up Sonea, she is feisty and still has the charm she had a child. Now the most feared Black Magician she is trying to do the best for her son.

Lorkin, on the other hand wants to get out from her grasp and heads off to be Ambassador Dannyl’s assistant. His companion Tayend is particularly shocked that  Dannyl doesn’t want him there, but Lorkin jumps on the opportunity to look into lost magic. They head off despite Sonea trying to stop him. Although missing him, Sonea is kept busy in the hospices, realising that the Roet addiction is getting out of control. Are the Theives involved? Is Cery?

Cery’s family both blood and Thief are in danger and he’s going to find out why. Lorkin is thinking about trading the secret of magic healing for secrets of Magic past. Sonea is finding her voice.

With kidnap, murder and missing artefacts, this book flows easily, the Traitors are running and the magic is subtle. I like this trilogy so much more so far. I’m going to get back to it. Happy Reading.