Dear reader, I have written something a little different today. I have a review coming and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book  as much as I have but fro this is it.



A fast serve, fear hurtling towards stress,

it bounced back from the solid surface,

a little less daunting, slower, manageable.

THWACK 15 – 0

Another gut shot, a fast ball, a blow causing dented pride.

A long thoughtful return taking the edge off,

cruising with hope and strength.

SMASH 30-0

Surprise consequences, the fall falls from beneath,

depression rushing forward.

A quick exchange that takes the edge off,

anxiety eased and tears have ceased.

ACE 40-0

Winning by wearing this opponent down, being fitter and manipulative.

The quick harsh return, now on the back foot,

a slide, a trip and finally a stumble.



Those of you that have been keeping up, life has been crazy and hard and daunting for a little while and today I wanted to thank the one that makes it easier. Being stuck in a hard place is better when you are my rock.

Until next time…Happy Reading!