So in my last blog I told you I started writing a review… well this is it, with a mildly amusing title and token book cover.

The Parasol Protectorate Book the fourth, picks up 5 months after the debacle with Connall and the God-Breaker Plague. A very pregnant Alexia is trying to build her relationship with Madame LeFoux after the incident with  formally Angelique and work out how to stop the Vampires trying to kill her.

Luckily for the Woolsey Pack they are not about to lose the Alpha’s wife, as Beta Randolph Lyle has a plan. It’s another of his very clever, almost devious plans. Lord Akeldama will play a key role and young Biffy, might find his place.

Acting upon a apparition in which THE QUEEN is threatened, Alexia as reinstated Muhjah and Lord Akeldama as Potentate are bound by duty to investigate. The BUR are also stumped…to add insult to injury Darling Felicity Loontwill wants to come and stay. Between visiting Ivy in Soho and stopping the vampires from taking her life, her baby and her sister she is battling Connall on everything. She simply doesn’t understand why insists she slows down she is after all only 8 and 1/2 months pregnant.

The threat to The Queen isn’t all it seems and the streets of London are full of private dirigibles and very strange porcupines. Biffy, Boots and formally Lefoux are all key players in this dangerous chase across London.

In this part of the series we lose a parasol, gain a suffragette, and witness labour in a giant octopus. What more could you want? Well we learn more about how Connall got to Woolsey, the impending madness of an Alpha and exactly how long you can ignore contractions for! I for one am looking forward to how Prudence Alessandra Maccoon Akeldama gets on in the world…so Book 5 here we come.

Happy Reading!