According to WordPress I started this page about 51 minutes ago, and in that time I have managed to download a picture and write a mildly witty title (which I have now changed). Since I started this project I haven’t had any issues in actually writing about the books I am rapidly working my way through. I have had a book I struggled to get through, and a day or two where I have waited to or been forced to wait to tell you all about it but today I don’t really feel like writing about the most recent book I have finished.

BOOK FEELINGS: 2 months in and I haven’t bought a book, I haven’t visited Waterstones just to pine for at least 2 weeks and I am happy with the books on the ‘to read shelf’ and by shelf I mean book case obviously. The reading part of this challenge is keeping me content, the writing part has been difficult for the past 2 weeks due to intermittent wifi and now although I’m back at home it feels difficult for another reason. I feel like I don’t have to write, it’s always been a joy to write down my thoughts and share them with you.


To be fair, today it’s not like I don’t want to write I just don’t want to right a review. Is that ok? I have just taken ‘Dear Amy’ out of my bag, despite having it with me everyday for a week I haven’t actually focused on it yet. I am nearly two thirds of the way through’Timeless’ the Parasol Protectorate Book the Fifth by Gail Carriger and I have started re-listening to a supernatural series due to too many hours in the car. I don’t want to write about any of them today…

I want to write about how job hunting hard, and staying in bed reading all day is easy, I want to write about escaping into another world helps me forget this one for a bit. I want to write about how things are really hard at the moment but I’m coping…but more importantly I want to write and for you Dear Reader to enjoy it. I want you to feel my passion for literature through my words and be inspired to read,  and I hope you are expanding your own libraries through my ramblings.  I like to think that this helps someone out there, someone like me who needs an escape and the support you can sometimes only get from growing up with a character from a book…whether that is Ginny Weasley, Jane Eyre, Edward Cullen or John Watson.

So with that, I think it’s time for a cup of tea and shutting the world out for a while.

Happy Reading.