I have found wifi! this is very exciting as I have 2 books to tell you all about but not right now. I just wanted to tell you I am still reading, still writing and definitely NOT buying books.


These books were sent to me in the Book exchange I did and I have just started ‘Dear Amy’… update on that soon although so far so good. The truth is, when I started this I believed I bought more books that I actually do. Some of what I am feeling now is wanting what I can’t have. I am okay with this but I am glad I have recognised it. I enjoy reading, I enjoy buying books and actually I am also enjoying not buying books.

I am getting great recommendations from friends, I have received emails from  people saying they enjoy my blog, there are regular readers in Romania, Germany, Spain and Australia. I am reading books I never would have, I am connecting with people that I never would have even known existed and its doing me the world of good.

Thank you readers, I have more to talk about not just books but the comments, follows and recommendations you send me. I feel more confident and more relaxed. So time to get back to it…

Happy Reading!