My dearest reader(s) – Hi, mum.

It has been a very productive week in every way but reading. Don’t get me wrong, I have been reading (almost every chance I get)  but not only does it feel like I have been reading this book forever, as it’s taken over 3 days but also I have been packing for the grand house move. I did have a day of dying and although I was in bed my brain couldn’t focus on anything so no book finished.


It is makes me a little sad that 9 days into Feb I have only read 1 book. I am going to rectify this but I am struggling to focus and make time to sit and relax with a book.

This week, I signed up to Redditgifts Book Secret Santa, this means I got to buy a random stranger books in return a lovely a stranger will hopefully buy me a good book or 2. I did this last year and I got ‘I am The Messenger’ by Mark Zusak, a well thumbed pre-loved book. The book seems ok, but I haven’t read it. I moved it into my new house and at some point this year I will read it.


So I got all the joy of book-shopping and got to make someone else happy. It isn’t against the rules and I don’t have any extra unread books on my shelf. I sent my Santa this blog so they knew what a challenge this year is going to be and seems they are kinda impressed with the challenge and the amount of books I own.

So with that being said, you up to date with my lack of motivation, I am ready to pick up and start again, Happy Reading!