This is Book 3 of ‘The Invisible Library Series’ and I loved it. Irene Winters, Kai Strongrock and Peregrine Vale are at it again, Alberic is out to ruin the Library once more and the Dragons can’t get involved.

The concept of the adventures of a librarian rescuing limited edition, rare and unique books from alternate realities is too much to pass up.  Take Victorian England, Fae culture and then add Dragon Hierarchy and an immortal psychopathic ‘Language’ villain and you get this series. Discover the secrets and idiosyncrasies of each world, and the characters that you find there.

Irene is a strong-willed Librarian on probation (See Book 2), who is fed up of unnecessarily dull assignments from her mentor Capalia, when Alberic threatens the Library, her Family and her Life. Kai is her librarian ward,  a Water Dragon Prince and will do anything to save Irene from everything, mainly herself.

These stories flow seamlessly from world to world, whether its werewolf attacks, Bears guarding St Petersburg or the Flight of a Dragon. Irene changes her surroundings, manipulates an Empress and does her best to avoid Hornets, Spiders and falling bookshelves.

I got into this series last year and I like the way it is progressing, it doesn’t feel same-y or predictable and despite knowing the Characters for 3 books there is still reveals and development to keep them interesting.  The worlds of Chaos and Extreme Order are a wonderful escape from reality.

Happy Reading!