I got a new book….not only that, indeed there is more good news.

A team mate gave me a book voucher. TEN WHOLE POUNDS TO GET BOOKS!! I’m so excited… I have decided to get the first two in the Shadow Police series with it so I can get into ‘Who Killed Sherlock Holmes’.

When to spend it? that is the real question…I can choose books to get all I want but the real trick is deciding when. In the rules  I said I wouldn’t buy any books. Is spending a gift card ‘buying’? This internal dilemma is thwarting me. Do I keep the voucher until Jan next year and buy lots of book then? do I spend the voucher because technically its not buying as that was a gift and its not spending my own money or do I continue to ponder this until I break and get books anyway? SO MANY FEELINGS!!

I got an Amazon voucher for Christmas from my mum that I intended to spend on books at some point in the year as they would in fact be a gift from my mum. Does this count as cheating? Now I’m all in a tizzy! I know this is my resolution and my rules but I don’t to seem like I’m bending or breaking rules.  As no decision has in fact been made, that is all.. my partner is hungover, so I’m spending my Sunday with a book.

Happy Reading!!