So I took a brain break for book number 6 this year, I read a kids book. Not a young Adult book, although I’m sure there will be plenty of those this year ( especially as I have at least 5 lined up already), this is a real children’s book, a retelling of a classic fairytale. You thought you knew the story of sleeping beauty, think again when reading this.

Instead of a handsome prince riding a noble stead to a castle surrounded by thorns,  a dark haired queen, delays her wedding to go rescue the princess in the tower accompanied by 3 brave dwarfs. Like I said, not your average fairytale. No only did I love the take on the story but the beautiful illustrations made it a joy to read. Notably I was reading this to a friends newborn (5 weeks and 3 days) and became aware that the whole house was listening… so although a children’s book, it definitely appeals to adults.

I enjoy enjoy the way that Neil Gaiman writes and how easy it is to read. Beware of expectations in this adaptation of a classic and remember things aren’t always as they seem. Happy Reading!