So remember I told you I did some last minute shopping on New Year’s Eve and bought some books… well it turns out I did a semi-terrible job. Yes all 7 books arrived (and 1 is pre-ordered for May), 2 are illustrated and this makes me happy but I managed to buy a children’s book, ‘The Sleeper and the Spindle’ by Neil Gaiman, (review probably later today). Although I have no problem with reading Children’s books, it’s more it is not quite what I was expecting and most significantly I thought I bought the ‘Unhman’ series by Wilkie Martin.

I nearly did. I managed in my haste to buy book 1 ‘Inspector Hobbes and the Blood’, Book 3 ‘Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers’ and Book 4 ‘Inspector Hobbes and the Bones’. That’s right , I’m that good, I managed to not buy book 2. I’m annoyed at myself, for the carelessness and that if I like the series I have to wait to get this as a gift or borrow if from somebody to read it – still leaving that hole on the bookshelf for when I am allowed to buy it because it is ever so sad to have a book missing from a series.

That’s todays news and although some of it leaves me a little sad, I HAVE NEW BOOKS (aren’t they beautiful?). Happy Reading!!