‘The Watchmaker of Filigree Street’ by Natasha Pulley has incredible reviews and no wonder. It blew me away, I was moved by the story and so impressive with the plot. It was dynamic and fresh and unpredictable. I found it difficult to put down and was genuinely sad when I got the end, it was a story I could read forever and desperately wanted to be part of.

Thaniel (my new favourite boys name) is complex but a simple soul all at once, he see sound in colour and plays the piano so well you can almost hear it though the page. He trusts. He simply trusts, and I think I have only ever read a character that speaks to me more once.  His understanding of language, people and life is timeless, it it made no difference this is mainly set in London 1884.

Keita Mori, well he is the watchmaker. A noble watchmaker who’s vision of the world is so advanced that even reading him today, it feels like he is from the future. He is a humanitarian, humble and so loveable, honest beyond words but frank and fair. His pet octopus (obviously clockwork) on the other hand is clearly the manifestation of his mischievous side.

Grace Carrow, the best thing about her is the fact she wants to fight against the box that society puts her in. She only marries to fund her lab, and appease her parents. She wears men’s clothes to get into the Bodleian and her best friend is tall Japanese and wants to be western. She’s clever and I found her really boring. Her role in the plot is essential but I just didn’t like her.

Who blew up the Foreign Office? Who warned Thaniel not to be there? Why is Mori hiding in London? Some answers are only revealed in the final chapter, just as it should be. I loved the cover, the loved the story and I want my own Katsu.

This book, is the best book I have read this year. I am aware it’s only book 4 but its going to take something very special to beat it. I just want to it pick up and start again. For your sanity dear reader, and the benefit of my book pile, I wont but I am really enjoying reading and I want everybody to read this book. NOW!!

Happy Reading!