Morning everyone, this is just a quick one to say, I SURVIVED AMAZON (other online book suppliers are available).

That is correct, this self-confessed bookaholic made purchases on Amazon and did not, I say again I DID NOT, buy any books. Rightly or wrongly I am a little proud of myself and this first hurdle. I’m not sure I can trust myself in a bookshop yet, where I can touch them and smell new pages but for now I am pleased.

The contents of my basket needs to be discussed as well… for the first time in a long time I bought a real bookmark. In this venture (as standard) I have been using sticky note pages to mark my page, but yesterday I realised there was a series of them left around the house, I decided to invest in a bookmark (or 2).

To celebrate I am going to spend most of the day like this…



Happy Reading!