So here it is, the 6th day of January of the year 2017 and so far it’s going ok. Today I started my fourth book and at a friend’s suggestion I tell you all about it but first, every story, no matter how unusual needs a beginning. This is mine.

Call me Nella, most people do and I feel that if I write this as if I am writing to someone, hopefully I wont ramble too much. This is how I ended writing book reviews. Most people make spur of the moment New Year’s resolutions, ‘I want to lose this much weight in 3 days’, ‘ I’m going only eat green vegetables’, ‘I’m never drinking again’ etc, whereas I have made the same resolution for years…’This year I will travel more’, and generally I have managed to go new places, see new things and take lots of pictures of beautiful (and not so beautiful) places. This year I wanted to do something different.

So In November 2016, I decided in 2017 that I wasn’t going to buy any books. I have shelves and shelves of them and so many unread. I love books, I love reading but have managed to make more time for buying, than reading them. Despite this initially being  a money saving idea, I might have had a sudden worry on NYE that I didn’t have enough and bought 8 more books ready for the year. This was equally about making more time to read and then very quickly it became a challenge. By 10am on the 2nd of Jan I had read 2 full books, cover to cover and I realised that with work and dedication I could read all my unread books by the end of the year (well at least all of the fiction).

So to clarify I set myself some  rules:

  • I will attempt to read the books I already own.
  • I can borrow books (from friends, family and even the odd library).
  • I can accept and read books as gifts.
  • I can buy other people books as gifts but not for self gain.

I have also set up a ‘Wishlist’ so every time I see a book I would normally purchase (both spur of the moment and on Amazon ) I will now add it to the list. This way when my birthday comes around people have an idea what to get me but also I feel like the ‘book-buying’  itch is appeased for a short period of time. Currently my list is over 20. I’m sure by the time this year is finished it will be in triple figures.  I have lots of non-fiction books and although I am not ruling them out of the reading list, I doubt i will read as many of them.

That is the background, but I ended up sitting here, writing this because a friend suggested that not only  should I blog about how I am doing but maybe review my reading list in a ‘non-pretentious’  way.  Just a 30-something, reading a range of books and telling you all about it. The plan is to give you an idea of how I am coping without book-shopping, an oversight of plot (without too many spoilers) and an idea of similar books or series links.

So dear reader, I am going to start by asking for your help. Any hints, tips and reminders of this task will be appreciated and obviously the loan of any book would be lovely. Wish me luck as I’m aware this is insanity!!